Garuda Online Test System makes it possible to fill out profiles online. You can access and use the system to send out passwords and download profiles once you are a licensed Garuda customer. The system is developed in accordance with the high ethical standards and safety requirements.

How Garuda Online Test System works

  1. Garuda Online Test System is installed on your computer, where you can make passwords for your respondents. The passwords are generated automatically and are encrypted for extra safety.
  2. You send out an e-mail to the respondents containing the password for the questionnaire.
  3. The respondent fills out the questionnaire online via When filled out and saved, you will instantly receive an e-mail.
  4. You can now download the profile directly from the Garuda-software – and then continue your assessment in the ordinary fashion.

Garuda Web App

Garuda Web App gives you online access to your personal profiles without having to install any software.

Garuda Web App is designed to work on both mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and on computers – PC and Mac – whenever you need fast access to your profiles.

You can quickly transform the reports into pdf-files and send e-mails through the app and share the profiles internally within your organisation.

How to use Garuda Web App

Simply go to, log in with your username and password and you are all set for using the Garuda Online Testing System!