It is all about finding the right match between person, tasks and department when recruiting a new employee. The right match increases the likelihood of gaining a competent and motivated employee, who is ready to strive for great achievements for your company now and in the future.

This is where Garuda’s logical tests come in. Garuda Logic provides valuable information about how fast and precise a person can learn to solve new tasks without prior knowledge. Moreover, Garuda Logic tells something about the candidate’s learning ability and development potential.

Through three smaller tests, Garuda Logic measures the general intelligence. The tests show how the candidate has done within three areas:

  • Verbal tasks: The ability to understand complex verbal and written communication
  • Abstract tasks: The ability to identify patterns, relations and tendencies within the data of the organisation
  • Numeric tasks: The ability to collect, analyse and present numeric data

Garuda Logic: Think logically and solve new problems

Common to all three areas are that they assess how the candidate creates an overview, how they think logically and how they solve new tasks – both academically and in business contexts.

They are objects of the flowing intelligence. The flowing intelligence is predominantly inherent and can hardly be developed throughout life, so it is a great indication of whether a candidate or employee is able to acquaint themselves with new tasks and areas of responsibility.

You can use Garuda Logic on its own or paired with the CompetenceProfile. You achieve great insight into how the candidate’s personality supports their actual skill sets when combining the two profiles.

Two examples are:

  • When the CompetenceProfile shows a great risk appetite, the candidate will make fast decisions – maybe based on pure intuition. If Garuda Logic shows low abstract skills, it goes to show something about the quality of the decisions made.
  • When the CompetenceProfile shows a high value of abstract thinking, Garuda Logic will provide answers to whether the candidate actually has flair for analysis and assessment of facts.