Most of us can expect the content of our job and our role within that job to change at least 5 to 6 times during our career. We must therefore be apt and excel in mastering changing tasks. To establish this adaptability, we must always think ahead and think of how to develop the employees.

The term ‘Employee Development’ covers many activities and initiatives. Seminars, further training, teambuilding exercises and workshops are just some of the examples of activities within this field. It can be a hard task to predict what will benefit the employees the most because development of employees involves the entire organisation: employees, managers and special talents associated with the firm. It is very important that all members of staff continue to develop in a way that benefits themselves and in a way that is in line with the overall strategy of the company.

Development of the employees and the organisation

The development of employees must happen in a way that is respectful and sympathetic to the employee and the organisation with the overall strategy in mind.

It might be that an employee feels stuck in his job, or that he feels that the job leaves him feeling unsatisfied. It might be that a special talent requests a specific plan for how his time working with your company will play out. Or it might be the mid-level manager that needs to strengthen his skill sets.

It might also be the organisation as an entirety. 75% of the training of employees takes place while they are solving the newly acquired work tasks, which means that only 25% are a part of an organised training course. By strengthening the learning environment, you and your company will be able to shuffle those numbers around and control how and what your employees learn. But it necessitates that you create a learning environment that values the newly employed and their qualifications from the beginning, and that you value the experienced employees and their knowledge – otherwise they might take that wisdom elsewhere.

Garuda helps with both the employee development and with the development of the organisation.

How will Garuda help with employee development?

Garuda believes that employee development has its starting point in a set of values that seeks to create balance between people. We ensure this by examining the focus, strengths, personality and skill sets of the employee, manager or of the special talent, and then we design a plan that will help both the individual and the organisation to grow.

This approach to employee development is important because it too often happens that a module or course is imposed on a group of employees with no considerations made for the individual. It is a tremendous advantage if the manager or HR-consultant knows what motivates a specific employee, where his focus is at, which tasks he prefers and how he likes to do his job. It makes it easier to customise a course and it helps in assessing what the employee actually achieved from the course.

By using profiling tools, team practices and employee development, we cause you to reflect. Employees gain new insight into themselves and each other, and the organisation creates a common language that facilitates a focused dialogue about job satisfaction, communication and development.

This dialogue that the profiling tools facilitate creates the opportunity for you and your employee to cooperate on a course for his or her further development. The same goes for managers and the special talents. If we are to analyse a department, a team or the entire organisation, the method and participation must of course be expanded.

Whether you wish to develop an individual, a team or the organisation as a whole, it is always within the mindset of creating balance between people in a candid and equal manner.