The BasisProfile is based on your personality and provides a situational overview of where your focus lies and where you use your energy right this moment. In other words, the BasisProfile can change considerably, but it will always showcase the core of your personality. The profile expresses information about your focus and preferences.

The BasisProfile works as a starting point for an open, positive and productive dialogue about responsibilities, motivation, challenges and opportunities for development. The objective is to create greater success in the workplace and to provide insight to whether you are being handed the right tasks to solve.

The BasisProfile is easy to understand

One of the great advantages of the BasisProfile is that it is so easy to understand. It is easily accessible and is written in everyday speech – free from foreign words and management-speak.

The BasisProfile is currently being used by production schools, students and the working man, where the student counselling or the HR-department wants to help in creating an overview of the focus of the individual and the team. Both to showcase the individual’s strengths and weaknesses and to enable better teamwork.

Four colours and focal points

The BasisProfile is pedagogically built up around four colours – one for each focal point. You will often find that you focus on one or two points at a time.

The four focal points include the Integrator Focus, the Developer Focus, the Primer Focus and the Result Focus. No employee or department is able to divide their attention equally between the four focal points. Nor is everyone capable of switching to a more result focused mindset if they are the more patient integrator.

Luckily, the BasisProfile creates a common language very quickly, which can be used to talk about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limitations. The BasisProfile also includes three optional modules which help to improve the recruitment and development of employees. The modules are:

  • The PersonalProfile, which shows how you perceive yourself and your behaviour
  • The GroupProfile, which shows what the team’s collected profile looks like
  • The EgoMirror, which shows an assessment of how you believe other people perceive you

Whether you use the optional modules or nor, the detailed reports of your and other’s answers can be printed out. These reports use graphics and analyses and they provide complete openness about the respondents’ answers.  This enables the following discussions to be very straightforward about whether the profiles match the reality or not.