JobMatchProfile is an e-recruitment system that heightens the quality of the recruitment phase by optimising the way you receive, manage and rank the job applications.

When you advertise for a position through JobMatchProfile, you start by establishing the ideal profile for the new employee needed. This ideal profile considers both the personality and the professional skill sets of the employee, which is exactly how JobMatchProfile stands out from other e-recruitment systems.

The ideal profile is an advantage for several reasons. One being that employees are often hired based on their skill sets and their personality – here you screen for both at the same time. Another being that an indistinct job profile often reflects an unfocused job advertisement resulting in irrelevant applications.

JobMatchProfile ranks the candidates

When the job applications start rolling in, JobMatchProfile start ranking them based on the ideal profile that you fed the machine. This way, you will only need to read the first 10 or 20 relevant applications instead of hundreds.

The overview of applicants and their documents are always available. Should the appointments committee choose to write a comment about candidates or award them with stars, it will appear clearly in the system.

Later in the recruitment phase, you will be able to see how far the candidates are in the process. You will be able to see if you need to invite a candidate to the initial interview, or if two candidates are ready for their second interview. It is all collected in the system, so there is no need for communication through separate e-mails, Excel sheets or confusing Word documents.

The idea behind JobMatchProfile is exactly that – streamlining the recruitment process and making sure that you can manage everything from job profiles and job advertisements to interviews and assessments all within one system.

When you have finally decided on a candidate, job rejections can be send out through the system as well. It can be joint – but personal – rejections sent to the many applicants discarded in the early stage, and more individual rejections sent to those deselected later in the process. Afterwards, applications and resumes must be removed according to set regulations – JobMatchProfile does all this automatically.

If there were many applicants or if you receive unsolicited applications, you are able to save them for up to six months. After six months, the system sends out an e-mail asking the applicants if they want their application saved for an additional six months. This guarantees that you will always have a substantial talent pool of candidates that previously have shown interest in your company. Who knows – you might not even have to send out a job advertisement for your next open position!