The FocusProfile is based on the appreciation that all departments need employees that represent four different focal points in order to run optimally. The four focal points are the Integrator Focus, the Developer Focus, the Baser Focus and the Result Focus.

No employee will be able to focus on all four at the same time. Instead, we all possess different strengths that we apply in our work with others. It is therefore important to know what strengths and weaknesses our team consist of to gain the most from our employees. It might be within the marketing or HR-department, in management or across professions and generations.

The FocusProfile reveals what an applicant or an employee prefers to focus on and what types of tasks they thrive in. This is a great starting point for a qualified and effective dialogue about responsibilities, motivation, challenges and development, all relevant during recruitment, onboarding and employee retention talks. The objective is to create greater self-knowledge and job satisfaction.

The FocusProfile provides a common language

The structure of the FocusProfile is made up by the four focal points and makes it easy to understand and comprehend. It is easily absorbed into the organisation and quickly becomes part of the common language, supported by the graphics and analyses. There is complete openness about how the employee answered and the reasons behind their focus.

Moreover, the FocusProfile provides a clear overview for the HR-department that shows whether the employees are appointed with the right tasks and focal points. The profiling tool also illustrates whether a team is constructed in the best way possible or if the team centres too much or too little on the details.

Apart from the four focal points, the FocusProfile contains several additional modules, which help the employees to utilise their resources properly.  The modules include:

  • The JobProfile, which examines job requirements
  • The GroupProfile, which shows the collection of the team members’ FocusProfiles using graphics – it illustrates whether the team is constructed in the best way possible
  • The Match function, where you create a profile for a position, a group or department and then the system will compare candidates with this profile. The Match function generates a document that describes where the candidate is placed within the group and what to look out for.
  • Analytical texts regarding specific practices such as sales and service or teambuilding.

These additional modules make the FocusProfile ideal to use in teambuilding, during corporate changes and management development.