With 320 statements spread across 16 personality traits, the CompetenceProfile is one of the most comprehensive profiles on the market. It works as a tool for recruiting, onboarding and development of employees and managers. The CompetenceProfile makes you capable of asking purposeful and qualified questions. From these questions, you will be able to paint the nuanced picture of the way the candidate does his job.

Once you have completed a CompetenceProfile, we will generate a profile that gives you the overview of personality traits such as risk appetite, endorsement, confidence and mental strength shown through graphics. It also includes analyses of how the employee or the manager explain their way of working.

The graphics and the analyses work as the base for the open and equal conversation to come. The Skill Sets Profile primes you for job interviews and for conversations about further development of employees alike.

The CompetenceProfile prompts complete openness

The CompetenceProfile contains several tools. One example is the analysis of statements which offers the opportunity for the candidate to revisit his answers and to learn why they gave the result that they did. The complete openness and accessibility is a special characteristic of Garuda.

The statements from the CompetenceProfile are accentuated based on how many respondents select them.  If a respondent selects a statement that 5% of all other respondents chose, it is valued less than if the respondent chose a statement that only 0.5% opted for. The reason for this method of measurement is that the kind of behaviour or preference reflected in the statement will stand out more in the organisation and will therefore call your attention to this candidate before hiring them or moving them into another team.

Choose between 8, 12 or 16 personality traits

The CompetenceProfile is our most in depth profile, but it is also very flexible. You can choose between 8, 12 or 16 personality traits, and we offer several additional modules to go with the profile. They all contribute with their own respective qualities. You can choose the onboarding-module that will make recommendations on how to best welcome the new employee, or the JobProfile which examines the demands of the job.

The CompetenceProfile offers many opportunities and will provide answers on the following questions:

  • What motivates the candidate?
  • What satisfies the candidate in a job?
  • How does the candidate communicate?
  • How does the candidate cooperate with colleagues?
  • How adaptable is the candidate to change?