Employees are in high demand. This means that many companies and organizations are rethinking the way they recruite when creating job postings and employer branding strategies. The traditional job posting with heavy text is no longer enough, as it fails to capture and retain attention.

Instead, we suggest doing something completely new. Namely, using a solution that allows you to create catchy and polished video spots for all job postings, new hire presentations and anniversary celebrations. With JobSpots, it’s no longer reserved for the “fancy” positions in management.


Videos on social media capture and hold attention far better than traditional text. Why? Because they communicate more powerfully than texts do. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster. With Garuda JobSpots, you can take advantage of the power of videos when looking for new employees.

Garuda JobSpots lets you create short, clear and to-the-point videos tailored for social media. The videos sharpen your job postings and communicate directly to your dream candidates – on LinkedIn, Facebook, your website, etc.

The very short videos typically last only 25-35 seconds. The length and format make them designed to be shared, so you can reach a wider audience with your job postings.

Requires no technical skills 

Although the videos look inviting and professional, they require no technical skills to produce. In other words, anyone can use JobSpots.

Instead of hiring a photographer to take pictures, film, and edit to create a video you can use in one context, Garuda JobSpots lets you have the video ready within 2-3 minutes. And with a few edits, they can be used in other contexts. The process from idea to result has never been shorter.

How to get started  

We can offer you a very profitable deal on Garuda JobSpots, which includes free use of all the videos you want to produce and all the support and consultancy you need from us. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Garuda JobSpots strengthens your employer brand 

The format, purpose and beautiful visual layout of Garuda JobSpots will increase awareness of your brand. It generates publicity and impacts your employer branding efforts.

So why aren’t more people using videos in their recruitment efforts? The simple answer is that it’s expensive and takes too long. A photographer must film and edit. And that video can only be used in one context. Plus, HR and marketing departments typically must get involved.

With the help of Garuda JobSpots, we can have beautiful, fully produced mini-videos ready for you in almost no time. It’s a completely unmatched concept that we’ve developed.

Despite the fast-processing time of the videos, Garuda JobSpots are developed specifically for your organization with logo, images, fonts, and tone of voice.