We certify HR-practices based on a solid scientific foundation.

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Experience, growth and longterm customer relations

1982 Established

10 years Average seniority for employees

Doubled number of customers in 4 years

1989 Oldest current customer relation

AAA Highest credit rating

Big player and thoroughly tested

+ 75.000 Candidates are using our solutions each year

+ 15.000 People are educated in our person profile

4,6 In evaluation score out of 5

Knowledge and growth

+ 5.500 E-books have been regularly downloaded from garuda.dk

+ 100 Articles have been published på the blog PROFIL and as PodCast

+ 5.000 Signed up for the newsletter

Where do we separate ourself from others?

Udviklet i Danmark til skandinavisk erhvervsliv

Developed in Denmark for scandinavian business

Vi tilbyder ydelser til hele HR-værdikæden og organisationsniveauer

We offer services to the entire HR value chain and organizatonal levels

Enkelthed i kommunikation

Simplicity in communication

Ubegrænset adgang til kundeservice, sparring og bloggen Profil

Unlimited access to customer service, sparring and the blog Profil

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We offer

Garuda can provide you with a varied number of the most important practices found within the scope of HR. Please have a look through the different tools and see if some of them suits you and your practice. The tools are available for you to use on your own, or you can choose to make use of our help as consultants.