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At Garuda, we strive to create balance between people by using profiling tools. We do that within a set of HR core values that include employee recruitment, onboarding, development and employee retention.

Common for all these profiling tools is that they are tools meant for supporting a job interview - they are not tests. The tools do not provide straight yes or no-answers, but instead help to assess whether an em-ployee or manager reconciles with the content of their job.

In practice, it means that our personality must agree with the given job and the colleagues we are sur-rounded by – which is a brilliant way to ensure job satisfaction with motivated and committed employees.

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Garuda can provide you with a varied number of the most important practices found within the scope of HR. Please have a look through the different tools and see if some of them suits you and your practice. The tools are available for you to use on your own, or you can choose to make use of our help as consultants.