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The Preference Profile

Development of the Human Capital

Get an up-to-the-minute-account of the Human Resources in the organization 
Analyze and describe the qualifications and competencies needed in the near future
Work with clear methods that enable involvement from people at all levels of the organization.

The Preference Profile is designed to meet these demands. This easy-to-use software includes questionnaires and interpretations that can be used at all levels of the organization from production line to management corridors.

It is therefore very useful when you are dealing with tasks such as recruitment, performance evaluations, career counseling, team-building etc.

Presentations: The Four Steps

To give you an idea of how the concept and software work, we have produced "The four steps to.." presentations, where you can see examples of how to use The Preference Profile in your organization.

Four steps in Organizational Development

See how you can use the Preference Profile to develop Human Capital and key competences in your organization. Click here to see example

Four steps in recruitment

See how you can use the Preference Profile to recruit the right person for the job. 
Click here to see example


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Questionnaire: 108 statements
Time: 20 minutes
Traits: 9

Printed results contents:
Graphic Profile
Interpretational texts
Statement Analysis

Software includes:
Personal Profile Module
Job Requirement Module
Statistical Module

Languages: contact us!
Online distribution: Yes
User Certification: 5 days


A Garuda HRM software license for The Preference Profile can be scaled to fit your company. 

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