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The Leader's Mental Scorecard

Find the Sweet Spot of your leadership!

With Leader's Mental Scorecard you can maximize your leadership development efforts and support leaders who strive to utilize their full potential. Apart from the profiling tools including 360 degree profiles the software holds a training module where you can create your own mental leader training program and learn how to use different approaches to match different people and situations.

Your Leader Profile

The leader answers 56 statements about his/her focus in daily management and this profile is supplemented by 360 degree Mirror Profiles made by leader's superior, colleagues and employees. You can now compare the profiles and discuss different perceptions of leadership style.

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Scorecard for Mental Training

The next step is to operationalize development plans with a Mental Scorecard:
A detailed personal development plan on how to modify behavior to match the situation.

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You can read more about the background and theories behind the concept in the book: Leader's Mental Scorecard, which will be published October 2005. 

Leader's Mental Scorecard

Find your Leadership Sweet Spot

by Finn Havaleschka, founder and CEO of Garuda

"Your leadership style, what you focus on, what you are good at, is a consequence of your personality. You cannot change your personality, but you can learn to modify your behavior, to change focus for shorter periods of time, and that’s all you need to become more successful. This is what The Leader’s Mental Scorecard is all about.

Read about the 4 leadership focus areas, and how to shift your focus and adjust your behavior to suit the need of the situation. This way you achieve faster and better results, increase your own as well as your subordinates job satisfaction and further your managerial career – of course!"

Hardcover 274 pages 4 colour illustrations - price Euro 64,20
Read more about the book and mental training concept at www.mental-scorecard.com
where you can also purchase the book online.


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Leader's Mental Scorecard
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Questionnaire: 56 statements
Time: 15 minutes
Traits: 4
Printed results contents:
Graphic Profile
Interpretational texts
Statement Analysis
Software includes:
Personal Profile
Mirror Profile
Job Requirement Profile
Team Profile
Group Profile
Mental Scorecard training module
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Languages: contact us!
Online distribution: No
User Certification: 2 days


You can buy the book The Leader's Mental Scorecard in our online shop.

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