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The Group Profile

New and entertaining concept for team-development.

The Garuda Group Profile is designed to give facilitators and consultants as well as teams a new and enjoyable tool for group-development processes. The Group Profile contains two parts:
The Group Profile software
The software enables the facilitator to give individual as well as team feed-back on basis of results from Personal profiles, 360 degree Mirror Profiles, Job Profiles etc.

The Card Game

The 52 cards in the deck each represent tasks and assignments in the four Focus areas. 

This part is supported by facilitator software, which enables results to be printed etc.


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Garuda HRM Toolbox
Competence Profile
Garuda Profile
Preference Profile
Focus Profile
Group Profile
Culture & Climate Profile
Leader's Mental Scorecard
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Questionnaire: 64 statements
Time: 15 minutes
Traits: 4

The Card game includes:
Game for individual Focus areas
Game for Group focus areas

Software includes:
Personal Profile Module
Group Module
Statistical Module
Languages: contact us!
Online distribution: No
User Certification: Yes

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