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The Garuda Profile

Identifying high performers

The Garuda Profile is designed to give a detailed view of the personality directed competencies essential for solving problems in a professional environment. It has proven its worth in relation to selection processes, appraisal talks and development interviews.

The Garuda Profile uncovers 16 personality traits and offers many of the same facilities as The Competence Profile, but with only 128 statements so it is less time consuming to use.

To ensure that users live up to our strict requirements concerning ethics, theoretical knowledge and practical experience within the field of human resource management and development, The Garuda Profile requires a User Certification.

Personal Profile

On the basis of 128 statements in the questionnaire, the software generates a Personal Profile covering 16 different traits in three groups in accordance with the Head-Heart-Leg model. The software offers numerous other facilities that provides you with excellent basis for e.g. interviews and assessments.

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Interpretation texts

For each trait the software generates an interpretation of the results. For example here you can read that this person "Is a systematic and planning task solver. Is very well structured when working with problems....." , "Actively tries to understand other people's intentions and motives..." , "Is not motivated by competition...." and 13 other personality traits.

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Compare Personal Profile with Job Requirement Profile

You can compare the Personal Profile to a Job Requirement Profile including evaluations and possible consequences.

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Garuda Profile
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Questionnaire: 128 statements
Time: 15 minutes
Traits: 16

Printed results contents:
Graphic Profile
Interpretational texts
Statement Analysis

Software includes:
Personal Profile Module
Job Requirement Module
Statistical Module

Languages: contact us!
Online distribution: Yes
User Certification: 5 days


Garuda has published a number of articles, reports and books about The Garuda Concept and Tools.

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