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Recruit the right person for the job

Surveys show that people who experience a high degree of job gratification rate challenge and responsibility as crucial factors to their success.

Therefore the turning-point in both recruitment and management is to find the people whose skills and competences match the challenges and responsibilities of the job or vice versa; to design jobs to match the persons in question.
Garuda HRM-tools contain all the elements necessary for you to analyze and understand a person's strengths and weaknesses in relation to a specific job-position. It enables you to systematize and simplify recruitment and make the decision-making process much more transparent and comparable.

The Competence Profile

The Competence Profile is designed to give a very detailed view of the personality related competencies and skills in relation to a given job profile. The comprehensive questionnaire uncovers 16 personality traits - all key factors to successful leadership. The Competence Profile is therefore a very solid tools for recruitment and selection on CEO and managerial level.

The Garuda Profile

The Garuda Profile is designed to give a detailed view of the personality directed competencies essential for solving problems in a professional environment. It has proven its worth in connection with selection processes, appraisal talks or development interviews.
It uncovers 16 personality traits and offers many of the same facilities as The Competence Profile, but with only 128 statements which is less time consuming to administer.

The Preference Profile

This easy-to-use software includes questionnaires and interpretations that can be used at all levels of the organization from production line to management corridors. It is therefore particulary useful for tasks such as recruitment, performance evaluations, career counseling, team-building etc.


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With Garuda Online Test System you can distribute test and receive results via the Internet.

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