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Leadership Development - Focus on leader behavior

We can all think of examples of how good management has developed ailing companies into successful gazelles. And most of us have also experienced the impact that bad management can have on our work-life, so management is one of the key factors for success.

At Garuda Research Institute we don’t claim to have the complete recipe for successful leadership but we do have a validated concept and tools that can be used for development. We work with management from these basic assumptions:

Management is to achieve results in interaction with other people
In this interaction the manager’s personality is decisive for success
Basic personality traits cannot be changed
Behavior can be changed to match the situation

At Garuda we have many years' experience in the field of leader recruitment and development. Our database holds more than 20.000 test results, which can be used for benchmarking leader performance in different areas. 

Leader's Mental Scorecard

With Leader's Mental Scorecard you can maximize your leadership development efforts and increase your leaders' effectiveness. The Leader Profile uncovers leader style in four focus areas. You can compare the leader's own perception of style with that of own leader, colleagues and staff members. And you can get directions and training that will help your leaders improve their performance in the four areas.

Click here to learn more about the Leader's Mental Scorecard or book a free Netmeeting demonstration on your own computer.

You can also visit www.mental-scorecard.com, where we present the book The Leader's mental Scorecard - Find your Leadership Sweet Spot.


How can Garuda Tools help you in your business? We offer you a FREE online presentation of one or more Garuda Tools.

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Dr. Finn Havaleschka has published books and articles about Leader Development. We have selected some for download in .pdf.

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You can buy the book Leader's Mental Scorecard in our online shop.

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