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Employee Evaluations

Garuda HRM-tools are very useful in connection to employee evaluations. The Personal Profile and 360 degree Mirror Profile form a basis for discussion of the present performance and with The Development Profile you can map the focus and direction for improvement:
Garuda HRM-Tools empowers employees and encourages participation - the overall concept of The Head Heart and Legs is intuitively understood by all.

Garuda HRM-Tools empowers managers and employees with communication - the language of The Head, Heart and Legs can be communicated in simple everyday language.

Garuda concept empowers employees with accountability - our tools help both parties assess the situation and decide on actions to move forward.

The Garuda Profile

We recommend that you use The Garuda Profile for employees in administration, line managers etc. Read more about The Garuda Profile >>

The Preference Profile

If you are looking for a tool that can be used on all levels of the organization - including production line workers - The Preference Profile should be your choice. 
Read more about The Preference Profile >>

The Focus Profile

If you run evaluations on as a team-process - The Focus Profile offers 360 degree Mirror Profile, Team Profile etc. Read more about The Focus Profile >>


How can Garuda Tools help you in your business? We offer you a FREE online presentation of one or more Garuda Tools....

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With Garuda Online Test System you can distribute test and receive results via the Internet.

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