When signing up for JobSpots, you will be asked to choose between a BASIC template and a PLUS template. The two types of templates entail different options – and therefore cover different needs. However, all templates will be developed specifically for your organisation to match your graphics, design and written tone. You can learn more about the two types of templates below and view different examples. You are also welcome to see how easy it is to use JobSpots by watching our short introductory video (1.55 min).

BASIC template

A JobSpots subscription includes setting up your own company-specific template, customised with logo, colours, music, fonts and images. The template is developed based on your input – for example, your design manual – and will only go live once you have approved the content. 

This is what a JobSpots template might look like with the BASIC template included: 


Your tone of voice

Included in the BASIC template is your own tone of voice or music. You can choose from the following music themes for your JobSpots: 


PLUS template

If you have special requirements for your template, you can have your own PLUS template. It has an normal one-time price of EURO 660 excl. VAT. But the price can vary depending on the scope and desired additions. 

For example, you can include animations, film sequences, your own sound files or special effects with the custom design. Below you can see what the PLUS template can look like: 


Guaranteed annual upgrade

Note that whether you use the included JobSpots BASIC template or a PLUS template, you are guaranteed an annual upgrade and/or design update. This can for example be used to replace images, logo, fonts, etc. 

Employer branding template

Whether you prefer the BASIC or PLUS template, an employer branding template is always included.

With this template, you can create quick and professional JobSpots that introduce new employees, promoted colleagues or highlight loyal jubilarians. See examples below:

How to get started?

Once our agreement on JobSpots is in place, we need you to send us some material – whether your needs require the BASIS or PLUS template.

These include:

  • Your logo
  • a recurring closing text, e.g. “Read more on Garuda.com”
  • at least two high-resolution images (over 1200px wide and preferably over 1000px high)
  • the name of the font(s) you normally use
  • the audio track you prefer
  • a copy of your design or brand manual – if you have one.

The idea behind this customisation is that it lets you create a common thread across your marketing and communication channels – and your stakeholders will be greeted by the same visual expression across all channels. It ensures recognisability, and creates a visual memory of your brand.

Your BASIC or PLUS template will only be activated once you have approved the content.

You can send all materials to support@garuda.dk or contact us on +45 87 46 86 00.