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The Garuda Corporation

Garuda was founded in 1982 by Dr. Finn Havaleschka and has since developed into a corporation with partners in Europe and Japan. Garuda is a leading company in Scandinavia providing HRM-tools for multiple purposes and consultancy services in the areas of recruitment, teambuilding and organizational development.

The Company Headquarters and Research & Development unit is based in Denmark, whereas the sale of tools and consultancy services is managed by our partners in Scandinavia, Europe and Japan.

To find a Garuda HRM Company in your region, please check the partner list - or contact us and we will be happy supply you with the necessary information.

Our platform

We believe that the purpose of Leadership is to create balance between manager and managed and that this can only be done within a framework of openness and trust between individuals. Garuda HRM-tools and concepts are therefore developed to create an objective platform and shared language for:

communicating and evaluating Human Competences, in a field that is frequently influenced by subjectivity and intuition.

developing and supporting HRM activities such as teambuilding, personal development, recruitment, organizational culture, customer relations, leadership style.

communicating, relating and understanding the complex issues of HRM.

supporting lasting knowledge and experience within the organization, which can be transferred to new leaders.

respect and openness within the field of HRM testing and evaluation. 


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