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The Leader's Mental Scorecard

Find the sweet Spot of your leadership

by Finn Havaleaschka
"Your leadership style, what you focus on, what you are good at, is a consequence of your personality. You cannot change your personality, but you can learn to modify your behavior, to change focus for shorter periods of time, and that’s all you need to become more successful. This is what The Leader’s Mental Scorecard is all about.

Read about the 4 leadership focus areas, and how to shift your focus and adjust your behavior to suit the need of the situation. This way you achieve faster and better results, increase your own as well as your subordinates job satisfaction and further your managerial career – of course!"
Hardcover 274 pages 4 colour illustratiions - price Euro 59,50
Read more about the book and mental training concept at www.mental-scorecard.com, where you can also purcase the book online.

Articles, cases, reports

Do you want to know more about the theoretical background? We've selected various articles and real-life cases for "insight and outlook".

Confusion about gender and leadership

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Garuda's Quality

The Garuda Competence Profile was reviewed by STP, which is an independent Swedish organization that promotes scientific research and development activities within the area of psychological testing.
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Misplaced Leaders Risk Stress and Unemployment

Interview with CEO Finn Havaleschka
"Managers, who have trouble ignoring details in favor of rapid decision-making risk stress as well as unemployment."
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Where Did The Development Go?

Development in the personality over the last 20 years - research on the basis of nearly 1.000 Garuda Profile tests.
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Savings and Increased Quality

with Garuda Online Test System
"We recruit about 120 employees each year, and we also use Garuda tools in relation to our career system. All in all that is approximately 500-600 tests a year, and all of a sudden logistics start to become interesting."
Interview with HRM&D manager Ivan Jensen COWI Consult on their experiences with
The Garuda Online Test System.
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The Successful Manager - How Do We Know?

Article by Finn Havaleschka, founder and CEO of the Garuda Corporation
"During many years, in fact since 1980, I have been engaged in finding, training, educating and developing managers, and constructing models and theories about management and developing personality tests, management role analyses and similar tools, to facilitate these activities. In all honesty, I have often ended a management development project with the feeling that the activities did not move anything. On the other hand, there has never been a person who had participated in the project without having gained further self-insight and the ability to put his/her personal qualities and competence in relation to the management of other people.

So how do we know that we have meet a good manager? When we do!"
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What Type Are You?

Article by Finn Havaleschka, founder and CEO of the Garuda Corporation
"Learn about the different Focus types and how you can improve your managerial skills and prosper from an increased understanding of yourself and other people."
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The Cultural Diagnosis: A Method for Dialogue

The Company Culture can and must be measured - especially by Mergers!
By Rolf Stellermann & Christian Fink, Ramboll Management Hamburg
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Team Building with The Focus Profile

Interview with HR-manager Maja Clausen from Broedrene Dahl - market-leading company in Denmark in bathroom equipment.
“The Garuda Focus Profile is perfect for teambuilding”, Maja Clausen says. ”I especially like the Head-Heart-Leg model, it illustrates that there is a need for us all, because of our differences strong/weak sides we complete the team. I feel this is very essential. The Focus Profile is easy to fill out, it only takes 10-15 minutes and I haven’t experienced anyone having any difficulties with the questionnaire”.
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Validity: Research and Reports

Swedish STP - summary of conclusions

.....The Competence Profile

Analysis of the Focus Profile

Looking closer at some of the validity aspects of this tool.
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Analysis of the Competence Profile

Looking closer at some of the validity aspects of this tool.
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Analysis of the Garuda Profile

Looking closer at some of the validity aspects of this tool.
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Qualities in the personality

A statistical validation of the Garuda model based on a factor analysis of the traits used in the Garuda Profile and the Competence Profile.
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